Puppetools® Basics


Puppetools Basics is our introductory class that gives you the power to put Play Language to work to create a healthy, healing learning environment. You will learn not only the basics of making the Paper Talker hinge puppet as a communication tool, but how teachers have used this tool to solve real classroom challenges. For a full class description, download our PDF
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Puppetools® is the trademark name for Play Language, our patented  system of incorporating Play into education. We embrace Play not as something that happens apart from learning, but as the essential foundation of learning. Through Play Language we bring Play into communication to transform the educational experience in a way that is natural, healing, and far reaching. To find out more, download our PDF!  

The Paper Talker

Our foundational building block for Play Language communication is the Paper Talker Hinge puppet. You can now have access to the practical craft and creativity of the Paper Talker, as well as a wealth of insights and examples of how to use the Paper Talker as the wellspring for boundless immersion in Play. Our first course, Puppetools® Basics, is available via Google Classroom, for you to explore at your own pace from your mobile or desktop device. To learn more about The Hinge, download our PDF!

Puppetools® Activity Kit


The Puppetools® Activity Kit includes everything you need to start building your Paper Talker Hinge puppets! Paper, scissors, and glue, 8 puppet patterns, 2 sample hinges, “My Puppet” profile, and instructions.

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